Artificial Turf, Low Maintenance & Attractive

Artificial turf is a great substitute for traditional grass in hard-to-maintenance areas of your property. After artificial turf installation, you would no longer need to mow, trim, fertilize, or aerate. This becomes very cost effective as time progresses. If you have any pets, cleaning up after them is much easier and you no longer need [...]

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Landscape Design – Side Yards

Here at Innovative Outdoors, we strive to meet the customer's needs while also providing them with a more favorable landscape. Often, side yards are steep, difficult to maintenance, and not aesthetically-pleasing. It is very common for us to design something simple like flagstone steps with river rock or something like the photo above that's a [...]

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Pergolas – Your Customized Outdoor Shelter

Pergolas provide excellent relief from the sun and allow for more comfortable outside seating. They work well with outdoor kitchens as well. Pergolas can be tailored to fit into any sort of outdoor arrangements that require more shade. Pergolas provide your home with more efficiency with less heat gain on the house and windows. Please [...]

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Outdoor Kitchens – Functional & Simple

Outdoor Kitchens are one way to make preparing a meal easier. By being outside of the home, this limits crowding and there is more space to work. Additional helpers can be brought in as well and have more space to move around. An outdoor kitchen simplifies the process of cooking and offers a faster turn-around [...]

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Softscapes – Small Investment, Big Change

Softscapes are a great, simple way for homeowners to improve the look of their property. Softscapes are one of the most cost-effective, functional forms of landscaping while not overwhelming a customer's budget. Here at Innovative Outdoors, we do an excellent job of balancing customer needs while also keeping their budget in mind. Softscapes play a [...]

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Costs and Benefits of a Paver or Concrete Patio

Paver patios are a popular choice among homeowners who can appreciate the beauty, less annual maintenance, and longevity. Paver patios provide a more natural look as opposed to concrete and match more effectively with their surroundings. Pavers provide a higher upfront cost, but make up for it with their low annual maintenance costs. Additionally, paver [...]

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Job Update, 4/15/22 – Skyline Drive

Last Fall, Innovative Outdoors LLC started a landscape project in Skyline Drive. We were able to complete the grading, drainage piping, and install a few courses of both walls before it became too cold to work over the winter. Then, when the weather became more favorable this Spring, we came back to this job and [...]

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Retaining Walls, Functional yet Aesthetically Pleasing

Retaining walls serve several different important purposes on your property. Starting off, retaining walls are a functional form of landscaping. Retaining walls provide essential erosion control by preventing soil or sand from being moved into an unsatisfactory location. They retain the soil/sand in a more desirable location that allows your property to drain properly. Matched [...]

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Outdoor Lighting – Security, Serenity, and Safety

Safety is our top priority here at Innovative Outdoors, LLC. Outdoor Lighting is an excellent safety tool to utilize around your property. Having a well-lit property at night can be very helpful in assisting the homeowner accomplish various tasks and ensure everyone on the property is safe from harm. Simple objects at night can become [...]

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